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Dick Bentley Productions v Harold Smith Motors [1965] 1 WLR 623 Court of Appeal

Dick Bentley knew the defendant, who was a car trader specialising in the prestige market, for some time. He had asked him to look out for a well vetted Bentley car. The defendant obtained a Bentley and recommended it to the claimant. He told him that the car had been owned by a German Baron and had been fitted with a replacement engine and gearbox and had only done 20,000 miles since the replacement. Mr Bentley Purchased the car but it developed faults. The defendant had done some work under the warranty but then more faults developed. It transpired that the car had done nearer 100,000 miles since the refit. The question for the court was whether the statement amounted to a term in which case damages would payable for breach of contract, or whether the statement was a representation, in which case no damages would be payable since it was an innocent misrepresentation and the claimant has also lost his right to rescind due to lapse of time.


The statement was a term. Mr Smith as a car dealer had greater expertise and the claimant relied upon that expertise.
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