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Long v Lloyd [1958] 1 WLR 753

The claimant purchased a lorry from the defendant. The lorry was advertised in a newspaper which described the lorry as being in exceptional condition. The claimant phoned the defendant to arrange a viewing and was told it was in first class condition. He went to view it the following day and was told it was capable of doing 40 mph and 11 miles to the gallon. The claimant test drove it and found that the speedometre was not working and he had to pull a wire for the accelerator as this was not working also. The claimant still decided to purchase the lorry. On the first journey the claimant noted certain faults with the lorry and contacted the defendant who offered to pay half the repairs. The claimant accepted this. However, on a further journey the lorry broke down completely and the claimant wished to rescind the contract and brought an action against the defendant for innocent misrepresentation.


By accepting the offer of payment for half the repairs when he became aware of the defects, the defendant had lost his right to rescind as he had affirmed the contract.
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