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Meah v McCreamer No 1 [1985] 1 All ER 367

The Claimant suffered head injuries in a road traffic accident caused by the Defendant's negligence. The head injuries left the Claimant with a personality change. Consequently he was convicted of sexual assault on two women, and wounding with intent. In addition he was convicted of rape and wounding on a third woman. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was awarded substantial damages on the grounds that but for the injury he would not have committed the offences.


Meah v McCreamer (No. 2) [1986] 1 All ER 943

Two of the women successfully brought a civil action for damages against him. He sought to recover the sum from the Defendant.


The damages awarded to the victims were too remote to be recoverable and that such an award would be contrary to public policy as it would effectively relieve the Claimant from the consequences of his crime.
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