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R v Jheeta [2007] EWCA Crim 1699 Divisional Court of QBD

The facts of this case are quite extraordinary and resulted in the conviction of the appellant on several counts of rape and procuring sexual intercourse by false pretences in addition to blackmail. The appellant had a relationship with a student which began in 2002 and continued until 2006. During the relationship the complainant (C) started receiving anonymous threatening text messages. Unknown to her, the messages were in fact sent by her boyfriend, the appellant. C confided in her boyfriend and he would comfort her and promise to keep her safe. Eventually C became anxious about the messages and wished to go to the police. The appellant told her not to worry he would go to the police and report it. He then sent her text messages from a fictitious policeman asking for her to send her statement via text. The malicious text messages continued. The appellant sent a message to C from the fictitious policeman offering a protection service whereby her home would be kept under surveillance for a fee of £1,000 pa. C gave money to the appellant in the belief that he was taking it to the police to pay for the protection service.


His conviction was upheld. The appellant was responsible for the 'menacing pressures' which led the complainant to part with her money.
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