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   Case summaries      Chapelton v Barry
Chapelton v Barry UDC [1940] 1 KB 532   
The claimant hired a deck chair from Barry UDC for use on the beach. There was a notice on the beach next to the deck chairs stating that the deck chairs could be hired at 2d for three hours and also 'respectfully requested' the public to obtain tickets issued by the chair attendants. The claimant obtained a ticket and put it in his pocket without reading it. In fact there was an exclusion clause printed on the ticket excluding the council's liability for personal injury caused in using the deck chair. The claimant was injured when he sat on the chair. The fabric of the deck chair split away from the frame. He brought an action against the council and they sought to rely on the exclusion clause contained in the ticket.
The exclusion clause was not incorporated into the contract. A reasonable person would regard the ticket as nothing more than a receipt and would not expect it to contain contractual terms. Furthermore, the wording of the notice suggested that a person could obtain the deck chair and get a ticket later. The notice constituted an offer and collecting the chair would amount to acceptance. It would not be open to the council to introduce new terms after the contract had been formed.