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   Case summaries      Dunk v George Waller

Dunk v George Waller and Son [1970] 2 All ER 630  Court of Appeal

The defendant engaged the claimant under a four year apprenticeship to train him as an engineer. The defendant terminated the contract before the completion of the contractually agreed time. The claimant bought an action for wrongful dismissal.


The claimant had been wrongfully dismissed. He was entitled not only to his wages for the remainder of the contractually agreed period, but also a sum to reflect his lack of training and the loss of opportunities that the completion of the contract would confer.


Widgery LJ:

“ a contract of apprenticeship secures three things for the apprentice: it secures him, first, a money payment during the period of apprenticeship, the training programme will allow him or her to acquire valuable skills; and will provide employment opportunities in the labour market following the successful completion of the training.”
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