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A Level Law books
Find A Level Law books relating to both the AQA and OCR specifications. Whilst care has been taken to select quality and up to date A Level Law books, occassionally Amazon may change the books displayed to later editions if the latest edition is out of stock. Remember as law (and exam specifications) is constantly changing, it is important to get the most recent editions of law  books where possible. It is important to know which exam board you are with as the specifications differ for each. Whilst both cover broadly the same ground in the basics  such as law making and the English legal system there are some distinct differences. Also within the same specifications, lecturers are given a choice as to which areas of law they deliver from criminal law, contract law and the law of tort. Therefore the A Level Law books you will need to purchase will depend upon whether you are with AQA or OCR and the subject choice of your lecture. You might also consider purchasing a specific textbook on either contract law, tort law or criminal law, particularly if you intend to go on to study law at University. If in doubt consult your lecturer. You are also likely to require different books for AS and A2. If you can't find what you are looking for why not try the Amazon search facility.
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