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Lewis v Avery [1971] 3 WLR 603 Court of Appeal

The claimant sold his mini cooper to a rogue claiming to be the actor Richard Greene (who played Robin Hood in a series at the time). The rogue showed the claimant a Pinewood studio pass which had Richard Greene's name and an address on it. The claimant then let him take the car with the log book in exchange for a cheque for £430 which was later dishonoured. The rogue sold the car on to Mr Avery for £200 claiming to be the claimant. The claimant sought return of the car on the grounds that the contract was void for mistake.

Held: The contract was not void for mistake. The case of Ingram v Little was criticised by all of the judges although not formally overruled. The presumption that the parties intend to deal with the person in front of them was not displaced.

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