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Young v. Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd [1944] KB 718 Court of Appeal

Lord Greene MR:

"The Court of Appeal is bound to follow its own decisions and those of courts of co-ordinate jurisdiction, and the ' full ' court is in the same position in this respect as a division of the court consisting of three members. The only exceptions to this rule are:—
(1) The court is entitled and bound to decide which of two conflicting decisions of its
own it will follow ;
(2) the court is bound to refuse to follow a decision on its own which, though not expressly overruled, cannot, in its opinion, stand with a decision of the House of Lords ;
(3) the court is not bound to follow a decision of its own if it is satisfied that the decision was given per incuriam, e.g., where a statute or a rule having statutory
effect which would have affected the decision was not brought to the attention of the earlier court."
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