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   Case summaries      Jordan v UK 24746/94

Jordan v UK 24746/94 [2001] ECHR 327   European Court of Human Rights

The applicant's son was shot and killed in Belfast by an officer of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. The applicant submitted that the death of his son was the result of unnecessary and disproportionate use of force and the result of a shoot to kill policy operated by the UK government in Northern Ireland. He further submitted there had been no effective official investigation.


There was a violation of the procedural obligation under Art 2. There was a lack of independence of the police officers investigating the incident from the officers involved in the shooting. There was a lack of public scrutiny and information given to the applicant surrounding the DPP's decision not to prosecute. The police officer who shot the applicant's son could not be required to attend as a witness. Absence of legal aid.

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