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Page One Records v Britton [1968] 1 WLR 157

The claimant record company, owned by Larry Page, was the manager of the pop group, The Troggs. By contract, The Troggs agreed that Page One Records would be their manager and sole agent for 5 years in return for 20% of their profits. By a term of the contract The Troggs agreed not to appoint anyone else for the duration. However, their relationship with Larry Page broke down and The Troggs wrote a letter to the claimant seeking to terminate the contract. The claimant sought an injunction to prevent The Troggs appointing a new manager.


The injunction was refused. To grant an injunction would be akin to ordering specific performance of a contract for personal services since the effect of the injunction would be to compel The Troggs to continue to employ the claimant or not work at all.

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